Trescal Instrument Calibration and Repair

About Trescal

The accuracy of measurements is a major topic for businesses. The science of measurement or “metrology” is at the heart of industry, whether this involves checking that accelerometers are working properly or verifying that the weights used in the pharmaceutical industry are measuring the right doses for medication.

Our clients recognize the excellence of our technical expertise. They count on us on a daily basis to check the reliability of their test and measurement equipment, to calibrate and repair them.

As the global expert in metrology services, we ensure companies improved measurement processes for efficient and controlled production. We are proud to have been chosen and recognised as a trusted partner by over fifty thousand companies each year.

Welcome to Trescal, where we embrace our passion for metrology to increase our clients’ performance.

Guillaume Caroit, Trescal Group CEO.


Trescal is the global leader in calibration services, offering an array of industries a single-source for expert measurement, repair and asset management needs across the globe.

Trescal is a unique player in calibration services, independent from OEMs.

Our certified technicians and experts carry out calibration and test services, inter-laboratory comparisons (ILC) as well as primary reference material (PRM) calibrations.

Based on customer requirements, our service offering includes accredited and non-accredited services for:

  • All measured variables whether physical, electrical or mechanical
  • All OEM brands of measuring instruments


Trescal supports its clients regardless of their geographic location and their line of business such as aeronautics, space, defence, energy, pharmaceuticals and medical industry, automotive and transport industry, oil, gas, petrochemicals, cosmetics and telecoms, and more!


The science of measurement is constantly evolving and new technologies offer new possibilities every day.


For over 50 years, Trescal has been recognised for its excellence in the field of metrology thanks to its community of technical experts.