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Calibration for the Kahn 75-6642/148-20

At Trescal, we understand that the Kahn 75-6642/148-20 Dew Point Sensor is a crucial piece of equipment that our customers can‘t operate without, so we have made it our goal to provide the best and the quickest calibrations. We will go the extra mile to make sure what your Kahn 75-6642/148-20 is taken care of at your convenience, so you can come to us, or we can go to you!

Trescal constantly strives to ensure that all customer’s needs are handled quickly, efficiently and conveniently. With a customer base that has diverse needs, our priority is to be flexible so that each customer can continue business as usual without extended or unexpected down-time. We offer instrument calibration across the US for your Kahn 75-6642/148-20 Dew Point Sensor!


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Kahn 75-6642/148-20 Calibration

Trescal provides an array of one-stop calibration, maintenance and repair services through our instrument labs, mobile labs and an extensive network of manufacturer relationships. Availability of parts and accessories may be limited for discontinued and obsolete equipment.

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Kahn 75-6642/148-20 Calibration

Kahn 75-6642/148-20 Calibration available through all Trescal locations.